April 2018 Projects and Serving

Dear Friends:

The CtR council feels that communication is key for our church to be effective in planning and implementing ideas, both old and new.

In early March the council held a 1 ½ day retreat to strategize. This involved discerning our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and hindrances. During our time together, we revisited our vision and mission statements and began prioritizing goals for 2018.

On Thursday April 5th, we met again to follow up on ideas generated from the March retreat. We reviewed activities that normally happen in a year at Christ the Redeemer and saw them through the lens we had identified as priorities.

New projects and ideas:

•    Complete the memory garden which includes electrical power to fountain, finish siding and installing large memory stone that will be available for plaques to remember loved ones. More info on the purchase of plaques will be coming soon
•    Kyle is looking at our website with ideas for improvement
•    Develop new logo
•    Tailgate garage sale this summer in the parking lot
•    Expand 90’s party this fall.
•    Explore the rental possibilities of the downstairs hall.

The ongoing projects and week to week activities require much dedication and time spent planning, preparing and usually cleaning up. With our brainstorming of other activities we would like to see at Christ the Redeemer, we are in search of volunteers to be helpers or take the lead in many circumstances.

Volunteer opportunities:
•    Prepare monthly serving schedule. Nancy M. is currently doing this job and would like relief. Training is free. Call Nancy 604-740-2466
•    Coordinator for the memory plaques.  This will involve collecting information from donors, ordering plaques from Tony Lock and Key, providing receipts, and ensuring placement on the “rock”. Claimed by Doreen!
•    Many jobs are posted at the church – greeters, readers, intercessors, and more. Please take a look and sign up if an area interests you
•    Men’s team to work on projects, and with summer coming up, cutting lawns, weed eating etc. Contact Ian 604-740-2522

Many thanks to Bernie who took on the role of hospitality coordinator. The Sunday fellowship times, the birthday cakes and luncheons are great and we really appreciate all that goes into the planning and clean-up!

Many thanks to Laurie who has brought the financial records and more to a new level of excellence. We all feel very confident that Laurie is working as hard as she can on our behalf.

Kyle and Becky have set a date and will be married in Kansas City June 3. We are all excited and look forward to having Becky in our community!

Finally, we have purchased church phones which will be up and running shortly. Our church line will be 604-883-1355.

Nancy Mackay
On behalf of the CtR Council